Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Beautiful Colours

We’ve carefully selected a range of over 130 different colours. Having such a large range, we’ll be sure to have something that will beautifully compliment your room. From the vivid blue and pinks to the subtle whites and creams, take a look at our colour range at the bottom of this page. Your advisor will also have the full range of colours with him for you to be able to take a look at.

Cost Effective

We source our aluminium venetian blinds from a company in the UK. They provide high quality products made only from the very best components. Because Deva Blinds has such a high demand for aluminium venetian blinds, we are given the very best price. That saving, we pass on to you. Ask your advisor about the different options we offer.

Tilt Controls

The added benefit of venetian blinds is the tilt feature. You are able to turn the slats to either point upwards, downwards or fully open. This enables you to be able to direct the light coming into your room. If you want light pointed away from lower level you would tilt them upwards and vice versa.

Make it Safe

With our constant dedication to keep you safe, we have committed to only producing blinds with safety, child-safe cords. If someone was to fall onto or become wrapped up in them, they will automatically split in half, preventing suffocation. An extra piece of mind, when purchasing from Deva Blinds.